Brendon Venner Furniture Restoration and Conservation

At Brendon Venner Furniture Restoration and Conservation, our goal is to help you care for your antique furniture and other wooden objects by providing high-quality custom restoration services. We are also sensitive to conservation issues such as preservation of original materials, reversibility, and documentation.

In our experience, nearly all breakage or other damage can be repaired without sacrificing original parts, and we like to preserve old finishes, not strip them. We service clients throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. Our clients include institutions, private collectors, antique dealers, designers and insurance companies as well as specialist services to other restoration companies.

Our field of expertise includes English, American and European furniture from all periods, Australian colonial furniture, clock cases, picture frames, music boxes, jewellery boxes, chairs, benches, tables and almost anything made in wood.

Services include: regluing and structural repairs to chairs, tables, and case pieces replacement of missing or badly damaged parts veneer and inlay repairs in timber, brass, shell and bone restoration of carved elements and mouldings repair and refinishing of picture frames hand finishing and finish restoration, including French polishing gilding full wood-turning service including repairs.

On request, we can provide written evaluations of clients' pieces, including recommendations for treatment. Written and photo documentation of work performed is also available.

We work with other local experts to provide upholstery, chair seating, decorative painting and casting of missing parts.

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Email: [email protected]

Brendon Venner Furniture Restoration and Conservation