Restoration Of Religious Metalware

Without doubt, the most beautiful pieces to grace the workshop of W.J. Sanders for restoration are those of ecclesiastical heritage.

From the restoration of an antique ornate John Hardman & Co tabernacle to a simple Pugin designed chalice, our silversmiths get immense satisfaction and pride from restoring such pieces.

No matter what the base metal is, gold, silver, copper, EPNS, or brass the heritage is researched and respected, the restoration authentic.

The accompanying slides outline the restoration work undertaken by W.J. Sanders on a cross that was discovered some years ago in a garden shed in Earlwood, Sydney.

After some research it was recognized as a replica of the "Cross Of Cong", a cross made in the 12th century that now resides in the National Museum Of Ireland. This replica was one of 4 recreated by Tiffany & Co for the Chicago world exposition on 1893.

W.J. Sanders religious work.