Silver and Gold Plating

In our small but very specialised plating shop we copper plate, silver plate and 22 carat hard gold plate.

Any other plating that may have been used in the original making of a restoration piece, e.g. nickel we would prepare the metal and send it to an outside company for plating.

The key to perfect plating and the ultimate lustre finish of fine silverware is in the preparation and polishing prior to the plating. Before plating any item, such as this antique Sheffield tray has to be machine hand polished right back to the base metal, (in this instance copper) prior to re silver plating.

This polishing process is labour intensive and requires great skill, as any slip of the hand in the polishing process could remove hallmarks, engraving or other design aspects.

On it's journey to the final restoration this tray took 5 minutes to chemically clean, 80 minutes of machine hand polishing using 6 different polishing wheels and mop's, 9 minutes silver plating and then finally 6 minutes giving it the final buff.

For a perfect restoration job there are no shortcuts.

W.J. Sanders