W. J. Sanders & Company

W.J. Sanders & Company is the last traditional manufacturing silversmith operating in Australia. The ability to manufacture gives our craftsmen the necessary skills to undertake professional and authentic restoration in silver, gold and other metals.

We have endeavored to show a true representation of our work on this website. If you run your cursor over the various silver items pictured along the top of the page you will find outlined the many aspects of our business and services. If you wish to see a visual overview of our company we invite you click on these links: WJ Sanders Videos or WJ Sanders Articles.

W.J. Sanders & Company was established in Sydney by accomplished Birmingham silversmith William Sanders in 1911, and is today, the only traditional manufacturing silversmith still operating in Australia.

From the early 1920's the company made many fine examples of quality ecclesiastical work that are found in places of worship throughout Australia.

By the mid 1920's W.J. Sanders were producing a wide range of silverware and trophies that bare W. J. Sanders markings, as well as manufacturing for the better known Australian jewellery houses such as Hardy Brothers, Fairfax & Roberts, Gaunt's and many others.

A wide range of silverware crafted by W.J. Sanders over the years have become very collectable item's some of which are now displayed in various museums and art galleries throughout Australia.

Today, the company still uses the traditional silver smithing skills to restore and manufacture many beautiful trophies and ecclesiastical pieces - an example being this mass set crafted by W.J. Sanders for World Youth Day, July 2008.

Our Services

  • Crafting of fine silverware, trophies and church metalware.
  • Authentic, quality restoration of valuable antique metalware including re-plating in silver and gold.
  • Specialists in the maintenance and restoration of historic trophies, cups, shields and medals.
  • Specialists in the complete restoration of brass and copper items including lacquering and bake enamelling.
  • Restoration and patination of statues in spelter or bronze.
  • Restoration of collectables and household items including antique kitchenware, ornaments and brass beds.
  • Specialist manufacture of custom architectural pieces, and the fabrication of "missing pieces", in most metals.
  • Free no obligation quotes.
  • Insurance valuations and quotes.
  • Free advice on maintenance and care.
  • Where possible, free pick up and delivery of restoration work within the Sydney metropolitan area.